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Known World Wide for Helping High Risk Population
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Follow the link button below, which include a link to our Application Package, which contains a detailed description of our program. In order to secure a placement in our program, we require all forms to be sent back to us, filled out completely.

 A Non-Refundable $350 Application Fee is also required. Even if the funds are not readily available at this time, then we advise you to return a completed application anyway. This will not secure you a place in our program, but will allow us to keep your information on file so that if funding becomes available, it will be faster and easier for us to expedite the acceptance process. Prior to your EOS Date, once accepted into the program, we will also require a three month deposit against program fees ($600 / month X 3 months = $1,800). We regret that, at this time, we do not have the resources to provide any financial assistance.

Program Fees include the following:
• Housing, Furnishing and all Utilities (including In –Room Cable TV)
• Job Placement Assistance and Career Counseling
• Substance Abuse Recovery Support (AA and NA)
• Probation Support and Transportation Assistance
• Life Skills and Personal Finance Management
• Numerous social and recreational programs

It is generally most helpful if a family member or close friend can contact us directly. Please call us or email us, so that we can have a good line of communication. It will also help us to understand the needs of each particular case so that we can make sure that the appropriate services are available.
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