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Florida Justice Transitions has been in existence for over twenty years, and provides low cost housing, transitional assistance programs, and general support for Sex Offenders, in particular those who are in the process of release from prison.

Our program operations are intended to serve those individuals who have made a sincere commitment to a successful return to society, and to address those issues which led to their offense in a constructive way that will enable them to move forward with their lives towards a bright future.

Sex Offenders face many challenges, most notably, tough Probation/CRD restrictions, and residency laws. These are the factors we seek to help participants overcome, and remove the stress of .. Where am I going to live? .. Beyond that, FJT works with each individual to tailor our program services to you. Not only do we provide housing, but we seek to provide a general sense of support in a Safe Haven, and help participants in their journey back to a good, happy life.
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Known World Wide for Helping High Risk Population
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